Friday, February 19, 2016

Magazine Mountain - The Highpoint of Arkansas

Magazine Mountain, Mount Magazine State Park, Arkansas
November 25, 2011

The trail head to the highpoint of Arkansas
After recently checking off #44 of the states’ highest points, I wanted to continue to get higher and higher with my highpoints. I continued the trend of bagging the lower highpoints by detouring from here to there. This time the here was Texas and the there I was going to was Indiana. Arkansas was on the way and the highpoint of The Natural State was not too far from the interstate. Driving in from the north, at least I was able to see the highpoint from afar although the particular spot did not stand out. Magazine Mountain is a flat-topped plateau which looms above the surrounding terrain.

Signal Hill Summit on Magazine Mountain
Mount Magazine State Park is Arkansas’s newest state park and encompasses the summit and the surrounding area with the Ozark National Forest managing the lands around it. The area has been developed and used for recreational purposes since the 1930's, and once again, access to this highpoint was fairly easy. Paved roads and a trail head led Linda and me to a half-mile trail to the summit known as Signal Peak, and after an easy uphill hike, we arrived at a map of the state of Arkansas. The summit was identified at the correct location on the map by a Geological Survey marker. At 2,753 feet Magazine Mountain is #34 of state highpoints.

(I’ve used both Magazine Mountain and Mount Magazine. This confusion is a story for another day on the Board on Geographic Names and how official geographic names may differ from names of local usage.)

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