Friday, January 15, 2016

Hoosier Hill - The Highpoint of Indiana

Hoosier Hill, Franklin Township, Wayne County, Indiana
October 21, 2011

Although 912 feet higher in natural elevation than Britton Hill in Florida, the trek to the highest point in Indiana is as blasé as Florida's high point when it comes to mountain climbing. Hoosier Hill is one of the highpoints that is privately owned, but thanks to the property owners and a county road, it is easily accessible. I came to Hoosier Hill by way of a scenic detour on my way back to Nappanee, Indiana from a conference in Dayton, Ohio. North of Richmond near the northern border of Wayne County, the hill is really just a slight rise in the undulating countryside, but I guess you need to name these highpoints and Mole Hill just won’t do.

Hoosier Hill is near Elliot Road, and after parking the truck on a dirt driveway next to a field, I sauntered over to the highpoint. It is a quiet spot nestled in a clump of trees with homemade touches of a picnic table, a mailbox for the log book, and a chiseled rock noting Indiana’s High Point, Elev. 1257 ft, N 40 00’ 04”  W 84 50’ 55”.  Being a highpoint and with the care of the property owner and the efforts of others to adorn this spot, Hoosier Hill has become a destination but one that has not yet seen crowds of cherishers. Which is fine by me. To check something off your list, you should have to sacrifice some effort, to go off the beaten track, and to check off #44 on your list of state highpoints as readily and as happily as you would #1. And I feel so much better in doing so.

The summit of Hoosier Hill

Hoosier Hill as viewed from Elliot Road
The highpoint is in the grove of trees to the left of the truck

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